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Peter Charles Matthews was born in 1966 in the town of Walton-on-Thames, a place he's lived most his life, except the period Oct 1996 through to April 2008 when he lived in Kent. He started drawing at a very young age, back then using the ample supply of paper his father brought home from his work. At about the age of 10 however he got frustrated with the pictures he was creating as they were all very 2 dimensional. In response to this his father told him about perspective drawing and bought him a book on the subject. Peter grasped this knowledge very quickly, with one of his earliest perspective drawings (inspired by a visit to London zoo), going on to win a £1 book token at his school. Since leaving school Peter's drawing has had his ups and downs, the 1990's for example was a lean period for his art. However in 2002 he lead a charity project organized by his work to paint a ceiling mural for a children's hospice. This project lead to an article in the Daily Telegraph which in turn lead to appearance on BBC news as well as the local Meridian. The final upturn in his artistic fortunes and one he has never looked back on, came in 2010 when he joined Walton Art Club. Through the club Peter found a way to exhibit and sell his work. He's also gained inspiration and encouragement from the other members, which has lead to a huge upturn in his productivity. Most of his work is very detailed pen and pencil drawings of buildings and cityscapes, London being a huge inspiration. Recently however he has delved more into colour, at first using coloured pencils and now Promarkers. 

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