Demonstration - Rodney Kingston

Rodney Kingston is an aspiring award winning artist, having exhibited in many high end galleries. Rodney has also taken part in Sky Arts programmes for portrait and landscape artist of the year in 2017 and 2019.

He lives locally, is a family man , and supports Tottenham Hotspurs....... well nobody is perfect.

Rodney's passion is oil painting, and loves portraits, taking on commissions, and landscapes especially painting outside and around London.

The below pictures show Rodney's work from the start to end of the demonstration.

Sometimes he prepares a canvas in inch or cm squares in order to ensure the correct scale and size, using an HB pencil to get an initial outline.

The total time spent during the evening, on the portrait, was 87 minutes! Rodney used one of our members Janet as the model.

He painted in oils using Zessit and Linquin paints as they dry relatively quickly. He only used 4 colours, Yellow Ochre, black, red and white! He uses Rosemary & co brushes.

He tends to work up to 18 inches from the canvas to give him an overall view and initially put on basic background colour. He then works from dark to light. As he works he takes photos of all his work and progress for a long term record and to look for improvements.

He is friendly, articulate and responded well to questions, It was a pleasure, thank you Rodney!