Demonstration - Rick Holmes

Rick shared his story with us on how he started to paint. Back in 1980 he was in holiday in Cornwall and it was nothing but rain, rain, rain. He said to his family that he will attempt to draw an old building. His family didnt know Rick used to draw when he was younger so just shrugged it off. (his father told him to find a job so he put his art on a backburner) When his family saw what he had done, they were amazed and the rest is history.

We were very lucky to be shown this original piece that start Rick's career!

Rick is a local artist and has been painting for over 40 years and enjoys painting in all weather. Rick mainly works with pastels and oils and finds pastels are ideal for working outside. He is a member of the Chelsea Art Society and has exhibited in, The Pastel Society, The ROI, The RSMA and RI at the Mall Galleries. More of his work can be seen on his website -

Rick started the evening with making a mess. He dripped some ink on the paper and rolled it around, but assured us it would look like the lock.

As the evening progressed Ricked answered many questions and even entertained us with his humour.

Below is his finished painting. You can view the full Album here.