Demonstration - Claire Grahame

Claire is a local artist and teaches art on a weekly basis in Hersham. Claire has a BA Hons in Fashion and Textiles and her passion is sculptures. Claire was really friendly and helpful and made sure all people that took part in the demo was looked after and given tips. Claire and the group used ceramic tiles, alcohol based inks and alcohol spray.

Claire bought some of her work with her which you can see below!

You can see more of her work on her site:

Claire started of the evening by showing us how to put the ink on the tiles, move it around and add other coloured inks. She used cut up credit cards and cotton wool pads and buds to help blend and move the inks around on the tile.

The members then got a chance to sit at the table and either attempt to recreate a tile from a few samples around the table or create their own from scratch. It started off with a group of around 12 with a few watching and the remainder afterwards. Walton Art Club member’s thoroughly enjoyed the evening. It was different from most demonstrations we have had and we had so many decorated tiles drying on benches and windowsills!

You can see a few tiles we had completed below and the rest in our album - Claire Grahame

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