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GDPR General Data Protection Regulation

How we use and process your data as a member. Walton Art Club we are a club of like minded artists and we meet regularly to paint and share our work with exhibitions twice a year. Our committee is made of Chairpersons, Treasurer, Membership Secretary, Communications Secretary and Social Secretary. Member data is held to communicate the membership events and exhibitions. Current and new members of the Club give their personal data for these purposes. They are given a copy of the rules so that they understand the legal basis for processing their data. If a member decides to withdraw their details they will be deleted from the Club’s records within one month. Older documents are unaffected as they were correct at time of publication. The information that we hold. At Walton Art Club we hold the following information ● First Name ● Surname ● Address ● Email address ● Home telephone number ● Mobile telephone number ● Level of Membership ● Membership paid and amount ● Date of joining ● Member of Facebook or Whatsapp The data is provided by members when they join the Society or when they update their membership subscriptions. In addition, the Walton Art Club holds personal information of members of the public who purchase paintings from the Club at their Exhibitions. The data held is: ● First name ● Surname ● Address ● Email ● Telephone The data is held so that these people who have expressed an interest in the work of the Club artists can be invited to exhibitions. This data is reviewed annually. Our Membership Secretary holds the data and it is shared with Committee Members who need to have the information for the purposes of club business. Data is not given to people or businesses outside the club. How to see what data we hold on you. You as a member can ask the Membership Secretary for access to your information. If you notify us of a change to your information we will correct it within a month. You will be sent your information within one month as the request, there is no charge for this. No requests will be refused. Your rights concerning your data held by Walton Art Club It is recognised by Walton Art Club that you have the right to access the data we hold about you and should you wish we will delete that data for you. We will acknowledge a data request and deal with it within one month. The data request will be given electronically and will be a complete extract of the member’s details from the membership excel database in the format that it is held on the computer. Henceforth complying with the regulations. We will update changes to members details within a month and send the member confirmation that the change has been made. How we use your data The first is to communicate with members in the form of the newsletter emails of events and other suitable forms of communication. The second use is to keep a record of paid and pending membership status and subscriptions. The third use is for general statistics of membership numbers and to reconcile with the bank. Personal information is not needed for this. Art on Website If a member has art work posted on the website this will be removed within one month of the request to remove. How long we keep your data and how to have it deleted. Walton Art Club will keep personal information of members for this year of membership and the following year. The data will be deleted within one month, should any member object to their information being held. From then on the member will not get any communication from the Club.

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