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Diamond Geezers
Nasal Horticulture II
Prince Snoodles
Edwin Cripps - Edwin Cripps is a self-taught and well established ‘Absurdist’ painter originating from Feltham, Middlesex. His paintings are mainly a chronicle of human frailty, commenting mainly on Mankind’s predilection for the utter absurdity. Religion, Drug Abuse, Sex, Egotism and Americans (especially Gun Crime and Trumpism).Edwin’s work is a similar commentary of social mores in many aspects to William Hogarth. Edwin’s paintings are all laced with cynical humour, but often there is a serious message within.As a break from the satirical works, Edwin occasionally paints ‘animalesque’ themes, echoing The Beano Comic, Beatrix Potter and Ancient Egyptian ‘Animal Gods’. Edwin was born in 1949 and being 73 years old, puts his cynical eye onto the ageing process as a new favourite topic.
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